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We are  a family who had 2 kids with SMA type 1. Our first son passed away when he was 10 months old because of SMA 1. Our second son was born just in time when Spinraza was approved and he was a lucky child who had access to Spinraza.  Now he is happy boy who is turning 4 years old.

Our mission is to make this disease known everywhere through our products. As I said we have lost a son because in our country this disease was not known and not seeing and knowing the symptoms by the time he turned 10 months old it was to late for any treatment.

The idea of this store SMA Gang came as a need to support and as a need to make known this rare disease in the world. We always wanted to support our son in different way specially during his treatment time by having a shirt or hat or anything to cheer him up.  We tried to buy products with SMA quotes or disgn but we hardly found anything, the market was very limited and this store came as a need and as a desire to support all the kids and adults with this disease.

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